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Astro - Herbal Reading

Learn how Your Birth Chart can guide you to Prevent Diseases and Optimize your Health. 

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Stop Suffering and Start a Joyful, Meaningful and Healthy Life

The Time for CHANGE is NOW! 

Become a ThetaHealer

Learn How You can Retrain Your Brain to Be Happy and Abundant.

Live Online Seminars to learn How to Heal Yourself and Others with Ease and Long-lasting Results.


"Working with Simona was amazing . Thanks to her beautiful loving energy, her guidance and support I have changed my life radically!"

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My Name is Simona

I am an Astro - Herbalist & ThetaHealing Instructor, I created Heal Transform Flourish to see you all flourish and live a meaningful and joyful Life! Magic Potions by Simona is my line of Organic, plant based products to support your Journey to Health.

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Understanding Energy

Take your first steps into healing yourself with energy by learning how energy healing works, what it is and receive a Free Distant healing.

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