Become a ThetaHealer

Heal Your Energy Naturally

Become a ThetaHealer

Retrain Your Brain For Better Health,

Greater Abundance, and Long – Lasting Happiness.

ThetaHealing® is an extraordinary healing technique. It is easy and fun to learn. It brings about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation with real results!

Get Out of Your Head, Overcome Self-sabotaging Thinking & Live a Meaningful Life

Imagine Your New Life:

feeling Alive, Happy, Inspired and Motivated. Living with Purpose and Clarity.

The Time for CHANGE is NOW!

Heal + Transform + Flourish

Magic Potions by Simona

You can achieve wellness naturally!

Get rid of pain, anxiety, find more balance.

Check my Magic Potions, handcrafted and energetically charged to support your Well-being with The Earth natural gifts.

Healing Courses

Expand Yourself and your knowledge by learning new skills. Certification courses, mentorships and more. All the tools you need for your growth and create your new extraordinary life.

Private Sessions + Consultations

Private sessions and Guidance to help you Understand Yourself on a deeper level, so you can turn your struggles into blessings and start loving your life.

"Working with Simona was amazing . Thanks to her beautiful loving energy, her guidance and support I have changed my life radically!"

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My Name is Simona

Master of The Arts of Energy Healing & Alchemist

Master of The Arts of Energy Healing, ThetaHealing Instructor, Herbalist and Medical Astrology Therapist. Founder + Creator of Heal Transform Flourish, which has the main goal of bringing healing and deep transformation into people’s lives with an holistic approach. Magic Potions by Simona is her All Natural Plant Based line of products, handcrafted in Hawaii and energetically charged.

Get my



Understanding Energy

Take your first steps into healing yourself with energy by learning how energy healing works, what it is and receive a Free Distant healing.

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