A Thankful Heart

22 Day Challenge of Gratitude & Appreciation

The Secret to Raise Your Frequency &

Bring Magic into Your Life

Is this You?

Feeling Unappreciated, seems like you are being taken for granted.

You believe you are Undervalued and overlooked.

Wanting to be Alone, but hating the loneliness.

Life isn’t too Fair and does not bring you much Joy.

Caring about Everything, then Feeling Numb and Apathetic.


Gratitude works to improve your mental and emotional health.

Here’s how it works:

The challenge starts on February 22, 2022, and runs for 22 days.

Every day you’ll get a new lesson from me about how to master appreciation and gratitude and start feeling good.

Each lesson has a quick practice that will help you see the Universe in action and make these methods stick.

You can join the exclusive Facebook community of people going through the challenge to help motivate and support you.

You can share your daily practice on Social Medias using hashtag #athankfulheartchallenge and tagging @simonahawaii.

On March 16 I’ll be hosting a LIVE Q&A in the private Facebook group!

Meet your Host

Aloha! I am Simona.

I struggled with food, being borderline anorexic, I was very weak emotionally, mentally, and physically. Getting sick every now and again. In and out of panic attacks, depression, burn outs, anxiety, escaping my reality because I wasn’t feeling safe. 

Never I lived in the present moment. Not once. I needed to be in control of my environment, which would keep me away from facing my own internal mess. I would go down, deep down into rabbit holes for months.

By drastically changing my lifestyle, with commitment, practice, and persistence I learned how to be present, to love, honor and respect myself.

I cleared my traumas, changed my weaknesses into strengths, I shifted my mindset created an awesome life full of purpose and gratitude.

I am now living fully, with confidence, compassion, acceptance, boundaries. With grace and a ton of joy. And heck yes I am having fun!!!

Master of The Arts of Energy Healing, ThetaHealing Instructor, Herbalist and Medical Astrology Therapist.

Founder + Creator of Heal Transform Flourish, which has the main goal of bringing healing and deep transformation into people’s lives with an holistic approach.

Magic Potions by Simona is her Holistic Plant Based line of products, handcrafted in Hawaii and energetically charged.


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Stop Telling Yourself Lies and Stories and Start Enjoy Yourself with Magic, Appreciation and Gratitude!


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