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Get Out of Your Head, Overcome Self-sabotaging Thinking & Live a Meaningful Life

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I See You..

Lack of Direction

 Constantly Stressed, Tired and Anxious.

Always Stuck in Your Head.

Overthinking, Over-worrying, your Mind feels Cloudy.

Struggling to Concentrate, Focus and have Clarity.

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CloudLess Mind Program Offers you:

  • Say goodbye to Anxiety and Chronic Fatigue.

  • Say YES to a sharp and clear Mind, with better mental performance.

  • Improve your memory and support mind & body’s stress response.

  • Heal your “gut” and achieve greater harmony emotionally, mentally and physically.

  • Acknowledge and clear deep seated resentments towards yourself and others.

  • Let go of confusion and Find a direction so you can take clear steps to create The Life you are dreaming of.

  • Discover Tools that will allow you to clear your energy and be more present.

  • Feel Alive and Energized without the jitters.

  • Find more Balance in your day to day.



Get on a wonderful and fun journey of real and long-lasting Results with this

Tailored-to-You One-on-One

Live Online Program


8 x 80 minute sessions live online

1 x 60 minute session Mindful Eating: The Mind-Gut Connection with Holistic Brooke

CloudLess Mind Drops Magic Potions by Simona

8 Sets of Affirmations

Crystal “prescriptions”

CloudLess Mind Journal

Location: Live Online

Enrollment Closes on August 31st, 2022

*Note: 1:1 live online sessions are good for 4 months, schedule at your own pace. 

Imagine Your New Life: how would your life feel like with more clarity, with improved memory and concentration abilities. Living free of anxiety and feeling Alive, Happy, Inspired and Motivated.

Who we are?

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Aloha! I am Simona.

I struggled with food, being borderline anorexic, I was very weak emotionally, mentally, and physically. Getting sick every now and again. In and out of panic attacks, depression, burn outs, anxiety, escaping my reality because I wasn’t feeling safe. 

Never I lived in the present moment. Not once. I needed to be in control of my environment, which would keep me away from facing my own internal mess. I would go down, deep down into rabbit holes for months.

By drastically changing my lifestyle, with commitment, practice, and persistence I learned how to be present, to love, honor and respect myself.

I cleared my traumas, changed my weaknesses into strengths, I shifted my mindset created an awesome life full of purpose and gratitude.

I am now living fully.

Looking forward to hear your story and see you Thrive!


Hello beautiful Humans!

My name is Brooke Elder. I’m a lover of the outdoors and creating anything beautiful I can get my hands on!

I love learning and teaching others about wellness. I became a certified holistic health coach in 2018 after 10+ years of self-studying what wellness truly is after experiencing many health issues myself. As I realized that wellness is so much more than just what we put into our bodies and physical fitness, I wanted to share these truths with the world.

After several years of manifesting the right school, I found it!

Sitting on top of a mountain watching the sunset on half dome in Yosemite National Park, sipping on some mate. Two rad humans from Argentina looked up at us from the path below and yelled, “Mate?!” One thing led to another and we ended up talking story in their RV they’d been traveling America in for the past year until 3am. That’s where I learned about the school I would soon attend.

Today, I’m here for you. I’m here to guide you, laugh with you, cry with you, and love you.

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Enroll Now with Coupon Code and Save 33%


PAY IN FULL 1,520 (before discount)

bonus #1 – Yoga Nidra Meditation

bonus #2 – In-depth 60 min Mindful Eating session with Brooke

bonus #3 – Hormone balancing custom made Magic Potions by Simona


option #1 – 3 x installment payments of $507

option #2 – 5 x installment payments of $308

*sales are finale and non refundable


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The universe works fast when you’re having fun 🌊✨
Simona came into my life at the beginning  summer 2019 and I’m extremely grateful that she did! She’s been the most amazing mentor for my spiritual growth journey. Since working with her I’ve found more inner peace than I ever thought was possible, I’ve been working on letting go and healing the things that have been holding me down for YEARS, and she helped guide me back to my passion through all of this! I’m slowly but surely finding myself once again with her guidance. I’m so happy to have her as a part of my life. 💙 We’ve been working together on designing her courses (crystals, reiki, and more!) and rebranding her products. So of course pictures were a must! I think this picture of her perfectly displays the beauty and magic that she is made of ✨ Check her services and products out, I promise you won’t be disappointed! @simonahawaii @magicpotionsbysimon


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