Embody Your Mastery

Let Go of Self-Doubt

Master Self-Compassion

Embody Your Most Authentic and Wisest Self

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I Feel You..

Constantly being the Victim of Dramas.

Feeling lost, disconnected and abandoned.

Doubting yourself over and over again.

Terrified of expressing yourself and saying NO to others.

Wanting to always save and help others and feeling completely drained afterword.

You can ReClaim Your Power

This Program Offers you:

  • Create an Extraordinary Life filled Joy and Abundance.

  • Get to know and believe in yourself, becoming more confident.

  • Have healthy boundaries and discernment.

  • Trusting your intuition and the guidance from Your Highest, Wisest Self

  • Using everything that has teared you apart to rise from “the ashes”.

  • Finding your natural gifts and expand.

  • Living and Speaking your truth. 

  •  Incarnate your truest, highest most ascended self. Becoming an inspiration to others. 

  • Be seen, feel Safe and create your own sense of safety.

  • Heart centered.

  • Aligned.

  • Powerful.

Let Me take you on a journey of Wonderful Results with this

Tailored-to-You One-on-One

Live Online Program


8 x 80 minute sessions live online

1 x Rose Moon, Magic Potions by Simona

1 x Custom Made Formula for Energetic Balancing, Magic Potions by Simona

1 x Herbal Astrology Analysis with 30 – 40 pages report 

8 Sets of Affirmations


Crystal “prescriptions”

Location: Live Online

Enrollment Open.

*Note: 1:1 live online sessions are good for 4 months, schedule at your own pace.

Imagine Your New Life:

Strong, determined, intuitive and heart centered.



Committed to personal growth.

Becoming seen, heard and understood.

Experiencing a world of awesomeness.

Mastering Yourself and Your Life and bringing inspiration to others.

Connected with Earth and Heavens. 

Who Am I?


Aloha! I am Simona.

The day I came into this world I had my eyes wide open and a big smile on my face. Even tho my umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck, I was a breech baby, underweight and jaundiced.

I came into this world knowing that I had to wear that mask from that moment on.

That I had to carry everyone else’s burden, doing my best to help, save and make everyone around me happy. 

For 30 years I was hiding and escaping my reality. I was the Victim, therefore attracting abusive relationships, allowing disrespect, dishonesty, feeling worthless, constantly overwhelmed, stuck in the past and petrified of the future.

Once I reached “rock bottom” I committed to and was very driven and serious to turn my life around and live happily ever after.

I cleared my traumas, changed my weaknesses into strengths, I shifted my mindset created an awesome life full of purpose, happiness and gratitude.

I did it all alone, without guidance, without support.

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Looking forward to See you Grow and Thrive!

Learn how to trust your intuition and believe in Yourself.

Get to the root of your victim patterns, past traumas, blocks.

Learn how to release them, heal them, and shift them.

Enroll Now and Save 33% using coupon Code




bonus #1 – Recorded Meditation

bonus #2 – A Thankful Heart Challenge workbook

bonus #3 – 45 min Herbal Astrology Follow up Session


option #1 – 3 x installment payments of $1,167

option #2 – 5 x installment payments of $700

*sales are finale and non refundable


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If I could recommend Simona to every empathic woman I would! Working with her has been an absolute blessing.

I cannot express this enough. When I first came to her I felt I had tried everything I could to heal my mind from a traumatized state causing extreme postpartum with my first and only birth.  After 8 months of trying on my own to naturally heal it got to the point I turned to western medicine, which helped, but brought on its own nightmare. My body become so dependent on the medication that when I felt it was time to quit the withdrawals were a living hell. My first attempt I was unable to quit. As I was getting ready to start my second attempt a year later. 

I’d been praying for the right healing woman to be put into my life and just 2 months into withdrawals from quitting the medication I found Simona.

It had been almost 2.5 years since the birth when I started seeing Simona and I was still being affected by it. I wouldn’t even consider having a second baby at that point. After seeing her weekly about 4 months in I found myself talking about having a second baby often and have had courage to think about that being my reality. She has been so amazing to work with through all life’s ups and downs. We’ve uncovered so many past traumas, with her amazing gifts to empower me to clear them by facing, embracing, and moving forward from them.

She is so in-tuned with herself and those she works with aspiring me to be ready and willing to do the work to heal. I never leave a session feeling drained from whatever we worked on that day in anyway. I always feel rejuvenated and ready to dance through my beautiful life.

I will forever be so very grateful for her entering my life and the friendship she gives me.

Let Go of Self-Doubt & Embody Your Most Authentic Self


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