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Reiki Courses

  • Usui Reiki is one of the most popular energy healing practices. The meaning of the word Reiki is “spiritually guided life force energy”. It complements many medicinal therapies and traditional medicine.

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of energy healing, it feels like a peaceful glowing light that flows through and around you. It treats the whole body, mind and spirit creating beneficial effects.

Reiki Level One certification Course

One day seminar to fill your Heart with Gratitude

Live in Alignment with your Soul’s Mission

*temporarily closed for enrollment

Reiki level Two

In this 2-day workshop you will learn to consciously use and direct the energy of Sacred Reiki symbols. Clear and focus your mind. Send healing through space and time. Treating others in person and remotely.

*open to enrollment online only 

**pre-requisite Reiki Level one

Reiki Level Three/Master

Two day seminar to learn how to share the Wisdom of Reiki with your Students and become a Successful Reiki Teacher/Master.

*open for enrollment online only

**pre-requisites Reiki level One and Two

claire review Pic

After attending my Reiki class with Simona I now have a deeper love and appreciation for everything in life. I also love that Reiki doesn’t require any specific form of belief system so it’s not limiting and anyone can enjoy it an benefit from it. I practice on myself every night, I think it’s one of the best self care and self love practices I could give to myself. 

Claire Allen – Esthetician 

tenisha review Pic

I am a licensed massage therapist and WAS a reiki 2 practitioner when I attended Simona’s 1:1 Reiki Masters class back in October, 2020. I’ve been wanting to take my Reiki Masters since I finished my reiki level 2 class back in 2018 but just couldn’t get a hold of my instructors since moving to the island. I was so stoked to hear that Simona offered Reiki Master out in the North Shore! The class was awesome! I loved getting that 1:1 time to really get and understand the lessons in full detail. She had all the tools I needed to complete the course and was very thorough and articulate in her teachings. After our class, we would coordinate practices and she always picked up the phone or answered all of my text messages whenever I had a question or needed help with my practice. Today, I am 2 years in with my Reiki Masters and It enhanced my appointments tenfolds! I am so grateful to Simona for being available to teach my masters class! If you are wanting to take any of the reiki levels, I highly recommend contacting Simona to be your instructor! I just heard that she now teaches Thetahealing which is something similar to Reiki but also different! I will be taking her Thetahealing courses in the very near future!

Tenisha R. – LMT, Reiki Master


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