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Understand your strengths and weaknesses through the birth chart, and get a tailored-to-you, holistic transformational journey.

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Theta Healing®

ThetaHealing® is an extraordinary healing technique. It brings about physical, emotional, mental and spiritual transformation.


I am so very pleased to have received Theta Healing Meditation Guidance Sessions from Simona during my own healing journey this past year. So much abundance, intuitiveness, and gorgeous humility and aloha informs her work! Simona is a gifted facilitator for healing thru so much love. I adore that she can do all this remotely for so many of us during these somewhat challenging times. Mahalo nut loa, Simona!
Lala Buzzell
I was a little skeptical at first, we got on a free 30 minutes call where I was able to ask all my questions. It was my first time receiving energy healing and had no clue. Simona explained everything about the healing session, how energy healing works, what to expect from it and made me feel super relaxed. It ended up being awesome! Totally exceeded my expectations. I would 100% recommend Simona's work to anyone"
Rachel Skroski
I've done several Thetahealing sessions with Simona, in this particular one we were working on releasing ‘genetic programming’ of resentment and criticism. The result was extraordinary! not only, i felt a lot lighter, my mother, which has been struggling with her weight for a long time, dropped 10 lb in 5 days without making any change to her life. She was as surprised and happy as I was. Thank you Simona!"
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Serena Rosso
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