Herbal Astrology

Stop Struggling with Illness and Disease and

Start All Over 

by Learning Your Natural Strengths.

herbal medicine

The astrological birth chart, aspects and transits provide practical insights inside the energetic patterns of the body and the changes within.

Astro Herbalism can be applied to:


– defining type, amount and strength of the patient’s vital force

-find the seat of chronic disease

-identifying the seat of inflammation

-diagnosing mysterious symptoms

-assisting with fertility and conception

-selecting appropriate herbs and treatments

-identifying a patient’s innate weakness and strengths

-understanding the issue’s origin

Understanding Yourself in a deeper Way to Prevent Illnesses


Herbalism, Medicine and Astrology are Connected in several ways but primarily by the correspondence of each sign to specific human organ systems as well as the energetic and elemental character of each planet and its correspondence to the qualities of plants.”

– Judith Hill

Why work with me?

I am a certified Herbalist with knowledge of Ayurveda and TCM. Studied with amazing teachers like Sajah Popham, Matthew Wood and Judith Hill. Some of my specialties are in Medical Astrology, Metaphysical Medicine and Medical Intuitive Anatomy. 

What to expect in a session?

Your first Analysis comes with a 30 – 40 pages long detailed report.

The study of astrological herbalism is a complex and interacting system based on understanding the relationship of the plants to the planets, the planets to the human organ systems and the planets to the signs of the zodiac.

Each individual is born with a unique natal or birth chart. Each person’s chart contains all of the signs of the zodiac, their corresponding planets, and the relationships between each of these. Each planet expresses its own unique qualities and each zodiac sign is ruled by a different planet.

Discovering your strengths and weaknesses through the birth chart, assessing your constitution and create a tailored to you, wellness journey.

Astro- Herbalism Reading

Single Session
90 Minutes


Astro-Herbalism Optimize

4 session package


Herbal Astrology Follow Up

60 minutes

(herbs/supplements not included)


*Special launch rate. Payment plans available.


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